Monday, July 8, 2013

Emma Jane's Nursery

I am so in LOVE with Emma's nursery. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful space for my newborn baby girl! My Bryan is so talented and I am so grateful for all he did to make such a beautiful space! Here's looking at the door to the nursery and where Bryan moved a wall to make a more spacious entry to the room. 

 Here's looking at the far wall. Bryan moved the closet so that the room made more sense. We now could put a little chair in the far corner with a table!

Here's a close up of some of his detail work and new carpet! Hooray! 

And here's some more photos of the final room! 


Huge thanks to:
Jeff Foutch- helping with the electrical work and framing!
Ken Thompson- for letting us borrow your chop saw!
Alan Edwards- for teaching us all about mud, taping, and texturing.
Krystal- for the beautiful idea curtains for the window and the closet!
Melanie Thompson- for helping me hem the curtains and add the pom poms!
Lori Konshuk- for the beautiful You are LOVED sign from Salty Bison!
And Bryan Foutch- Thank you for working so hard on this room. He would come home from a full day at work and put in another full evening in the room. I love you!


sportyrls said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, Emma Jane and your beautiful nursery! How wonderful!

krystal said...

such a beautiful room Kate... I really love it! Can't wait to actually hold sweet little Emma Jane!

Lori Konshuk said...

a precious room for a precious little guys are dream parents!! emma is lucky to have all of you!!