Thursday, December 6, 2007

(dad) this morning Franny wanted to play with her duplo blocks. So she came up to me, grabbed my hand, counted to 7 (the signal for get up and do something for me) and away we went to the toy closet. I grabbed the basket of big legos, and then dumped them down in the living room. Its finals week, so I promptly plopped back down in my computer chair to resume my studying. Franny had other ideas. she came up to me, told me "no no" about 25 times, until i got up and sat down on the floor with her. She was right. we had fun, i made her a camera, an f18 with a missile (the long 2x8 brick makes a great sidewinder) and a pair of shades (or binocs).Who knew my 2 year old would be teaching me how to better manage my time!

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