Monday, December 3, 2007

The Sunday it happened...

9:30 AM – finds a small family sitting/wrestling at church. Mom pulls out her specialty move, chocolate bears, and it's all over: Franny is now sitting peacefully on her chair, distracted for the time being. Well, we thought it was all over. Hidden beneath the guise of a brand new, picture perfect Sunday holiday dress, the improperly fastened (by Dad) diaper strap is coming undone.

9:35 AM – K8 picks a bear off the seat, the sogginess of the cookie itching the back of her mind, but not enough to prevent her handing it to Franny (who promptly and efficiently throws it down the hatch).

9:35:05 AM – (5 seconds later) A brown liquid – mixture of teddy graham bear and urine is discovered all over Franny, her dress, and the seat.

9:40 AM – Dad is speeding home with Franny for a new change of Sunday dress. (and yes, he even came back to church!)

12:08 AM – (Immediately after church, and the drive home from church) A new recipe appears in an anonymous inbox at Nabisco Industries. the subject reads; "bold new flavor: sweet and salty teddy grahams"

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DaNae said...

such a funny story! Love it when dads do the diaper! Isnt that crazy I found Jessica Romney? So random but I love her blog! And did you draw your heading?? It is so cool, i love the winter touch. And we will be in the 509. I am headed up on the 15th!