Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature at it's finest!

Our friends tooks us out to enjoy some good old mother nature. We had such a great time. Thank you Brandon and Sarah!
Walking along the tracks.
Learning to build a rock wall from the Pro.

Big Gulp!

Her favorite "flowers".

Relaxing with dad.


The calming sound of a river.

Learning to Fish.


Meagan Briggs said...

I can't get over the color in those pictures! What camera do you have!??? I want it!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Cute. I was wondering when you were going to post those picts... thanks for hanging out with us!! We both had a lot of fun so we need to go again- except to the reservoir in Troy instead so that we can catch some fish and feel good about ourselves... lol.

Renee' P said...

Great pics!

Brittanie said...

What a majestic place! (Where is it) What a fun adventure. The colors are amazing. I miss those sweet girls. Lauryn is becoming quite the little lady.

I love the extras you have done to the pictures. Wonderful job!

Kristine said...

love the pictures! my fav is the one of lauryn with the flowers! so cute.

so i've been looking at kelly mccalebs blog for a long time. i met her sister in rexburg and she started doing my hair...i loooove her and we instantly became friends. and we ended up having a lot of mutual friends. it's so funny how things like that happen.

DaNae said...

That totally made me miss the NW. All we have here is HEAT and cactus.