Monday, October 19, 2009

Art Week in SLC

I REALLY wanted to attend this:

I mentioned it to my mom the other day. I showed her Nicole's web site. She loved it. The next day my parents came to me and they said,

"Dad will pay your classes and I will pay for your airfare."

I couldn't believe it! I was so shocked and happy that my parents would support me.

I went to pay for the classes and they were all FULL! I was so upset. I still am upset. If you know of anyone who is trying to sell their ticket PLEASE let me know by Thursday of this week! I was so hoping to get into Nicole's Photography Classes and some of the photoshop classes.

Thanks for listening. Maybe I'll be able to take Nicole Hill Gerulat online photography class in January. She is amazing!

PS- Kristine and Jane: I was going to call and see if I could stay with you. Sad it didn't work out.


DaNae said...

that is so sad! I totally wanted to go to this too, but couldn't with the ol' nursing baby. I have been looking into Nicole's online class, but don't know when registration is, do you?

Isaak and Jackie said...

so sad it didn't turn out but maybe something else will come up. It is so nice to have parents who are supportive and helpful.

The Grimmett's said...

That's too bad! How frustrating!

Jane said...

Oh!!! WE would have LOVED to have you. Keep an eye on it though. In case someone drops the class. That happens. Or if they open up some extra spots.
Looks like amazing classes.
What sweet parents!

Kristine said...

OH MY GOSH. katelyn You HAVE TO COME!!! and sleep in our room! i'll make you a yummy breakfast and we'll have so much fun!

you've got to find a way to get into those classes.
EMail Nicole! and kelly mccaleb. Tell them your situation. do it do it do it.

rachel said...

oh bummer! That sounds like so much fun! I got photoshop for my birthday but i dont know how to use it. i could really use a class.