Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's HERE! November Dinner Menu

November Menu

Here's the recipe for Cafe Rio night:

Here's the link for meatless Monday:


PS- Feel Free to link to this post on your blog. I want everyone out there to have a great month of meals. It's all about sharing your knowledge right? As mothers we need to support one another. (just my little plug for all of us hard working mothers!)


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Katelyn, you are awesome. I am way excited about this. I think I am actually going to try to follow it this month! Thank you girl!!!

Kristine said...

i love that you are doing this!

Mommy #1 said...

LOVE the cupcakes, the quilt for Jackie, the pics from the shower, and Brooklyn's creation! Oh, AND the Halloween header -- so awesome! So FUN!

Hillary said...

I'm glad you like my Cafe Rio recipe! :)

TJ and Mandi said...

Hi Katelyn, This is Mandi Harris. I was in your ward a couple of years ago (I was one of Lauryn's nursery teachers). The other day my google reader suggested your blog as one I should read. I clicked on it, and I LOVE it! I am so impressed! I totally love your November meal calendar and have been using it everyday since :) Thanks for blogging. It has been fun to read it and see all of your creative ideas and awesome photography.