Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Shower Cupcakes

For Jackie's shower I was going to make my famous pumpkin bars. I kept with the idea and did mini cupcakes with the recipe. My pumpkin bars have previously been referred to as "Clouds of fluffy deliciousness". So, they were mini clouds of fluffy deliciousness. Turned out they were a big hit and a perfect size for a baby shower. You should make then at the next shower you host!



Q & A:

Q= Jade asked, "How do you do the frosting?"

A= I just use the same frosting recipe as in the pumpkin bar link above. You simply put the frosting into a quart sized Ziploc bag and snip the corner as large as you want the frosting swirl. Then start with the outer rim of the cupcake working in to the enter and pull up at the end to create a cute top! Also, if the frosting is too thick to pipe out just stick the bag of frosting into the microwave for 5 seconds. (if it doesn't work the first time, do another 5 seconds)Good Luck!

Here's what Brooklyn worked on while I was baking yesterday.


PS- Do you like the new header? Bryan surprised me yesterday by making it! He's so awesome!


Ritchie Family Blog said...

MMMM... They look delicious Katelyn!

Melissa said...

Yeah man they were way yummy.
You're right, they were perfect for last night.

Ben and Jade said...

How do you do the frosting? If you're willing to share, shoot me an e-mail, would ya? I'll pay you back somehow ...

Isaak and Jackie said...

Katelyn you are right about sharing the knowledge with between us hard working moms and you deserve a gold star for being #1. Thanks again for the awesome shower I am still in shock. You totally rock!

Kristine said...

GORGEOUS cupcakes. girl, you are GOOD.

Ben and Jade said...

Made these for my Sunday School class ... let's just say I'm now the most popular woman in the ward. And I honestly think my husband loves me more now than before I made these. They really are amazing.