Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lori Lynn Photography

Bryan has an aunt named Lori Lynn who is an amazing photographer. She took the photos below of Kamryn. I LOVE these photos so much. Lori has recently asked me to make her a blog and to post her recent photo shoots on it for her. I was so happy to do this for her. You must check out this blog that her and I have been working on. I LOVE how it turned out! Enjoy!!

Lori Lynn Photography Blog



The Boyle's said...

Those are absolutely adorable. Is that hat yours? Did you make that? Or where can I get one? She is a doll. I love those pics. Way to go

Isaak and Jackie said...

beautiful baby and really cute blog you set up for your aunt. Great work girl. Diddo on the hat!

Melissa said...

Thanks for today K8.
Those pic's are amazing, so is your Auntie and the blog you've both worked on, looks fantastic.
Well done.