Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adventures in COLOR: At the Farmer's Market


We decided to play a game this Saturday morning at the farmer's market. The game was to find every color on the color wheel. Brooklyn looks very pleased here!


Here's the final product!


We found another color wheel of socks!


Finally, something you don't see too often. A picture of me! We had a fun time together finding all the colors! You should do this with your kids too!



Jay and Camille said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! What a fun idea, I'm sure your girls had a blast! We miss you guys :(

krystal said...

what a fun idea and post. i love it, you're too creative kate. thanks for sharing.

Karin van D. said...

Great idea, I can imagine you had lots of fun. And the two of you look very cute together :-)

DaNae said...

great idea! Ella would love that.

Kristine said...

kate this is so rad. i love this.

sportyrls said...

Love the idea! Thanks : )