Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Night

Since Halloween lands on Sunday this year, we do trick or treating on Saturday. Our ward was having a party tonight but I am still too sick to go. I have been feeling so bad for my girls. I LOVE Halloween and I'm usually up for all the festivities. This year was different. Luckily my fabulous husband came up with a last minute Halloween Scavenger hunt at Walmart. We were to find:

1. Mutant Neon Fish

2. My Little Pet Zombie Shop

3. Arcane Coloring Book

4. Spiky Crayons

5. Tricky Treats

6. Poisonous Pez

7. 8 Legged Rings

8. Ferocious Fangs

9. Mummy Tissues

10. Witchy Hat

Once we were home with all our finds, we put our newest members of the family in their home. We got 3 goldfish. These fish are the first pets we have ever had. Lauryn has been talking about getting a pet for a while. I think fish will do for now. Here's the photos of bringing Frankie, Frankie, and Spooks home.






Jane said...

hahahahahaha. i love those names so much. oh my goodness. that made me so happy.
i hope you getting feeling better soon.
We only ever had goldfish in our house growing up. They are great pets.

Ashleigh said...

We did miss you guys at the tunk or treat! Cute fish though... :) Let me know if you need anything!

krystal said...

how fun kate. i can't wait to meet your newest family members. please get better soon.