Friday, October 8, 2010

Brooklyn Cut Her Hair!

Last night I went to Safeway to get some chocolate raisins. {I love them} Bryan was doing a fun Halloween project with the girls while I went. I came home and went to throw something in the garbage. I froze as I noticed several locks of red hair in the garbage. Bryan had no clue she had cut her hair! She conveniently stuffed the evidence in the garbage before he could notice. I told Brooklyn how sad I was and she ran to her bed to cry. She came down appolizing a few minutes later. Here's the aftermath:



Bryan made these sweet mummies with the girls. He used: cereal boxes, paper towels, q-tips, and some old pictures.

PS- Did you enter the giveaway below?!? I love Cherie Chic's flowers. She gave one to Lauryn for her birthday and I wear it all the time! haha!


krystal said...

awwwwwww cookie cooks. i'm sad too. it's not terrible but i really loved the even length. it'll be alright.

Ben and Jade said...

Darn that girl, even her crazy self-cut is a better style than what I've got. Tragic and sad, and I'm definitely not eager for that day to strike here as it no doubt will. But if anyone can pull it off, it's Cookie.

Kristine said...

her hair! oh man. it could be SO much you're lucky. saylor practicialy cut the hair to her scalp!

brooklyn looks darling still!

ok. those mummys!!! omgosh i love them. go bryan.

Rayce & Candi said...

That's not to bad. The 1st time (I know sad that it happened more than once) she cut it to the scalp!

Rayce & Candi said...

I meant to type Shy, no she.

DaNae said...

It still looks adorable. Ella cut her hair a couple of weeks ago and I freaked out. But it was in the back and totally not noticeable. Still frustrating!

Cierra said...

Ha ha ha! What a sweetheart! I love that she didn't just take a chunk out. Her new bangs are pretty chic considering it was self cut. ;)