Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carmel Apples

My mom and I made carmel apples for a bridal shower last week. It was quite the mess but lots of fun!

Once we dipped them in carmel we learned that if we held them upside down, the carmel would set better. So, we put them in jars!



Next, the Chocolate!!


We used raspberry shoots from our friend for the handle and tied a ribbon on the end!



Jane said...

obviously those are adorable. where did you find those perfect wood sticks? I love working with my mom on projects, it's just better when you have someone else, especially your mom.

Kristine said...

ohh yum!!! i want one! i'll have to make some this fall.

looks darling with the stick and ribbon.

The Grimmett's said...

Those look SO.GOOD. Carmel apples are my weakness!

Roxy said...

I need to stop looking at food post, especially of sweets because now I want one :) That's tells you how good you did they look so cute and yummy!