Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bryan's in the Limelight now!

Bryan's project has been featured! His project is the second one on the front page!! Check it out here!


"Virtual Technology and Design emphasizes the use of visual environments to help solve real world problems," said Bryan Foutch, a junior in VTD from Spokane, Wash. "For our particular project, we wanted to create interactive technologies aimed at education. Traditional teaching mediums are static and good for basic information, but when you factor in complex, simultaneous systems, you need interactive tools."

"A picture's worth 1,000 words," says Foutch. "We're creating interactive pictures that are dynamic and show cause and effect."

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Isaak and Jackie said...

man you Foutch's are getting some fame, so awesome that you are so good at what you do and get RECOGNIZED! I love it. Bryan has big words I totally didn't understand what he said in his statement but it sounded very intelligent.