Monday, August 9, 2010

Bedroom Updates

I thought I would share some photos of our recent bedroom updates. Here's Kamryn's room first. I found this beautiful picture frame at Ross. Cost: $4.99!


I also redid her lamp shade. JoAnn's has lamp shades that have a pattern on them. It was also sticky so I just had to press the fabric on. Then I hot glued this tiny edge on it. I really love it.


For Kamryn's birthday I made her a banner!


The only update for the girls room is, the number of carebears keeps multiplying. If I see one at a yard sale I ALWAYs pick it up. Has anyone seen a funshine carebear. It's the one thing Lauryn wants for her birthday and I can't seem to spot one! (I can find them online but everyone wants sooo much for them!)


Remember the pillow I made? I put it in my bedroom. I love it!


While I was at a yard sale I saw this vanity for FREE! I totally snatched it up! I really love it. I take more time for myself in the mornings and evenings.



Hillary said...

Please, please give me tips/tricks to making things with names on them! How do you do it? How do you sew in the letters so that they don't fray? And do you use a stencil to draw them before cutting them out?

I tried it once and failed so miserably that I've stayed far, far away from the idea. But you've inspired me! So do tell! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Can you come fly to Florida and decorate MY house??? You are sooo good girl.

Brandi said...

Katelyn...I MISS YOU! You are such an awesome Mom...I love all your cute ideas to do with your kids. I love stopping by your blog because it is always so colorful and happy and brightens my day. Um.....totally jealous of all your creativity. Send some my way please! xoxo

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Love those bedspreads! I sure wish I knew how to quilt.