Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Super Pouf Pillows Save the Day!

Krystal and I found this tutorial and had to make some for ourselves! Here are the final products. Kamryn LOVES hers and the girls love theirs! They were done in an evening. I sized the gray and yellow one up to be much bigger than Kamryns.

(To make the gray one bigger, Krystal and I had to remember how to find the circumference of a circle...... we asked Bryan.)






Jeff and Holly said...

Those are super cute! Did you make the yellow trim you put on the gray pillow? I LOVE it! Maybe it will inspire me to make one...

Kristine said...

ummmm cute! i want one! i need to make one for me adult size. and maybe i'll make some for the bourne kiddos. gosh you're a good.

and awesome pics. you're good at styling..and your girls are perfect models.

krystal said...

WHAT! are you kidding my, yours are so cute. I need to buy more stuffing still, i can't wait now, knowing how cute they'll be. Good job girl.

susan said...

Those are adorable. Love that ruffle trim. Nice girly touch. Would like to feature for my reader creations.

Jane said...

Ohhh my goodness. those are amazing. i want one in my size please.

Kerri said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors used the pink is so pretty and the gray with yellow trim makes me want to start crafting a.s.a.p. but fear this is harder than it looks : )


Melissa said...

The fun mum aye K8, I'm gonna make sure my kids don't see this and hound me about it till I'm ready!
Great clours.
Where's Lauryns?
Did I miss it?
I think Dru might stay at Matt and Lara Simmons house.
He might need to grab that key from you for their place ;)
I'm sure he'll get in contact with you.
Tell Bryan hi from us.
Miss you guys.

Brittanie said...

I absolutely love these! I need to get to work on them! The pictures are adorable.

Susan said...

I featured you today :) Come check it out and grab a button!