Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Shoot Behind the Scenes

The girls and I spent the afternoon on their birthday photo shoot. I needed to take the pictures early as Bryan and I are working on their birthday party invitation. Everyone is invited! I need addresses for sure!! Please e-mail addresses to:


I love seeing all the different props in this picture.

We needed:

2 lounge chairs
2 bowls of fishies
2 care bears
1 frame
1 piece of white foam core
and much more not pictured here....

To see the rest of the photo shoot go here!



Kristine said...

i looove this. such a cute photo shoot!! you girls are lucky to have such a cool mom.

ps. darling pic of you and lauryn!!!

des said...

They Turned out SOOO cute. Your girls are adorable.

so question- where do you get your background? is that fabric or really cool paper? Cute cute.