Friday, August 13, 2010

A new friend

I have a new friend, her name is Becky. She is amazing: Her home is filled with 6 beautiful kids. Her garden is home to berries, chickens, bees, cats, and dogs.

She invited me over to pick raspberries today, I was so happy. We picked bright red raspberries with buckets tied to our waists by old belts.

We talked to pass the time & saw that we weren't so different. We found that our struggles didn't define us, they shaped us.

My girls played with hers. I chatted with her 10 year old who just finished the same book as I, the Goose Girl.

Slushies ended the visit ( as did a little 80's music that blasted from my car ).

Now, time to make some freezer jam. Yum!


(here I am trying to drown all the ants, it worked.)

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