Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy, Busy Busy!

Hello Everyone! I have been up to so much! Sorry, for the lack of posts! However, there's tons of new posts on my photography blog! www.katejenningsphotography.blogspot.com

Bryan and I have been searching local towns for new locations for photo shoots. The girls have been enjoying the exploration walks.

One more thing, I will be in BOISE, IDAHO October 21-23th. I am doing mostly families and seniors! There are a few spots left. If you are interested send me an email!




krystal said...

cute shots kate, i love the bike and chalk board. you've got an eye. i'll miss you for three whole days!

Ben and Jade said...

Have you checked out Colton and Uniontown? Every time I drive through there (at least once a month it seems) I think of how great it would be as a photo location. Lots of really interesting backgrounds, I think.