Monday, February 28, 2011

Brookie Smurf

She found a blue marker. Not sure how she colored her face so perfectly or why she did it. Maybe she wanted to blend in with the furniture.


The marker was on her bed.


Also on the walls.


If it doesn't stop snowing I'm going to go NUTS! Good news, we have a good tax return coming soon!


krystal said...

holy cow! she looks so innocent. oh cookie cooks, you're awesome.

image said...

OMGosh!!! That is so funny, I hope you have white vinegar to clean those walls..She of course still looks beautiful!!

AAES said...

ha ha ha that is SO funny!! boo to the snow! i just got on your blog to get the recipe for play dough :) wish us a snow-ie day luck!

Jane said...

WHAT!!! That's incredible. She did a great job. Maybe she'll grow up to do costume makeup. Or MAC makeup. She'll love these pictures too.

Missy! said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it

Michelle said...

Girl! You have to get the markers away from this girl! She loves to color everything!!! no more markers, just crayons.

Kristine said...

Oh WOW. unreal! i'm so glad you captured this on camera. too funny! the bed and the walls! oh boy.

ya, summer needs to come quick!

Ben and Jade said...

Has she been watching "Avatar"? Love it, love it. (You know, since it's not my kid or my mess to clean at all.)