Friday, February 18, 2011

Face Routine


Cetaphil Face Wash: A Dermatologist told me that using a non abrasive skin cleanser everyday would clear up my skin. It defiantly works!

Work-Out Makeup All Day Wear: This foundation is 22$. It last me at least 6 months and it has spf in it!

Benefit Erase Paste: Can't go a day without putting this on in the morning! Takes those dark circles away! I found mine on ebay for 11$!!!!

Clinique Glow Powder: This stuff makes your face sparkle! The sparkle reflects light so it makes your skin appear more even. It is 23$ but last again, at least 6 months!

There you have it ladies!


Anonymous said...

cetaphil is my best friend!

and bobbi brown concealer !!!

i'll have to try that erase paste.

Ben and Jade said...

I love Cetaphil. I use the face wash and the daily moisturizer (it also has SPF). And that, sadly, is my ENTIRE face routine. No wonder I look 47.