Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 500th Post Foutch Coutch!

I can't believe it's been 4 YEARS since my very first post! I would LOVE to hear from my readers!

Who is out there? How did you find my blog? What's your blog? I want to follow!

I've started a little project called: 3 Little Books for 3 Little Girls


There's a book for each one of my daughters. The plan is to write down the things I find funny, sad, happy, etc. Even if it's one sentence! I regret the fact that I haven't kept a journal for a long time. Since it's the new year, no better time to start!


It snowed about 5 good inches this morning. I was shocked because yesterday we spent most of the day out in the sun. We are looking forward to a day in the house working on art projects. Sounds like a fun cozy day to me! XO- katelyn



Kristine said...

duh, i've loved your blog since day 1! 4 years...awesome!

darling journals..and great idea. your girls will LOVE and Cherish those forever. they will love reading the hard times the good times the funny times. and love seeing your handwriting too!

Melissa said...

Thanks K8.
Cute journals.
I can't believe it 500 posts.
That's amazing.
Good luck with the journaling.
It's awesome.
Look how long cookies hair is?

angieinpink said...

happy 500!
[just] found your blog & i'm lovin' it.
i have 2 little girlies...those pretty journals are a great idea!

Meagan said...

Cute idea!!! I've loved reading our blog since day one! Your family is sooo adorable and your photography and interior design inspire me. I wish yall lived closer so we could hang...and for you to take our family pics!!! :-)

My blog just hit 400 last post!! Crazy!!!

Michelle said...

I'm your #1 fan and follower. My name is Michelle and my blog is www.cheriechiclife.blogspot.com, which you DON'T Follow!
You have all my support in journal writing!-- Good luck!