Friday, February 18, 2011

Food for Thought: Food, Inc.

Have any of you seen this? What did you think?

As far as the way our country handles meat, I think I'll be a vegetarian now. {Just don't think I'm totally ready for that jump} I am seriously thinking about cutting out beef and pork from our diet all together. {we never really eat pork anyway} I would love to be able to buy free range chicken but I just can't afford it at this time in my life. I think I will still eat eggs and fish.

My friends came over last night to do a recipe swap and we got to talking about the Word Of Wisdom. My friend asked, how often do you eat meat? Sparingly? I am pretty sure that my family and I eat meat at least twice a day. I think that changing to a couple days a week would be better.

Let me know what you think. I am not sure myself yet.

*Please be kind. I am not looking for a fight. I know this film has its lies. It is targeting the large corporations NOT the farmers. I support grass fed cattle and free range chicken.



Monica said...

I wanted to either go vegetarian or start raising all my own food after watching that too. I recently watched The Future of Food and it strengthened my resolve to grow a great garden this summer. I recommend you watch it if you liked Food, Inc. Very interesting stuff if a little scary.

rachel said...

yuck! problem, we love meat too much to give it up. I think we do need to cut back a bit though. by the way you look fab! so glad you are feeling better. quick question your face always looks so good what kind of foundation do you use?

Anonymous said...

because i live alone and just cook for myself i Rarely cook meat. rarely rarely. i find ways to eat it though, with less hassle. Like chicken apple gouda sausages at Costco. low cal, a good source of protein in my dinner. anyway, i wouldn't cut out meat completely...just be careful of where it comes from ;)

DaNae said...

after watching this we went all organic. I think it is worth the price difference to get real food. Ben has always wanted a farm to raise his own chickens and cows...but I don't really want to live in the country. I couldn't eat meat for a couple weeks after I watched that tho.

The Crandizzles said...

I thought that show was a little eccentric and obviously had an agenda. I don't think eating meat is against the w.o.w. even if it is from a chicken/cow/pig that's been given "steroids" but some people feel differently. I actually think it's a luxury to live in a country where you can be so picky about what you eat. Even though we didn't raise animals on the farm I grew up in, I don't feel bad if a chicken's life is spent in a coup because it's on the earth for one purpose- for food. That's my opinion and I know that a lot people feel differently.

J said...

cutting back to eating meat a few times a week would be such an awesome thing to do not only for the health of your family but also for the well being of our earth! i am a vegetarian but i don't believe that everyone should be. my husband and i always buy organic and because we don't eat meat we can afford it. maybe by cutting back on your meat consumption you can afford it too? organic chicken once a week instead of regular three or four times??
good luck on this new adventure, i hope to read more about it your blog.

Paula said...

I saw this film and it has forever changed me. I haven't stepped foot in McDonald's in over 2 yrs! My husband and I don't have money to buy fancy food all the time, but we have made this a priority. We've cut back on packaged foods (macaroni grill meal packages, frozen foods, rice a roni, etc.) and buy more fresh fruits and veggies from a local farmer's market. I also buy most of my meat at the farmer's market, which is all natural/no enhancers, no fillers, no hormones. I use coupons for non-edible groceries so I can afford the good food. The extra $20 I might spend each week on fresh/local food is worth the effort. Good luck!