Monday, November 9, 2009

First Day in Utah

When I drove over the Idaho border into Utah, I honked my horn several times. (family tradition, started by my dad) I was so excited to be there. The first place I went was her house. Kristine was my first roommate at BYU-I. I'm so glad that we met and stayed friends. Thanks Blogger!

The first thing Kristine and I did was go out to eat. We ate some good food while we caught up on each other's life. Then we got crafty! Kristine was getting ready for a craft show so, I tried to help her get everything done. Durring it all we managed to take some photos of some of her projects.


Isn't she the cutest!? I love her and all she does!

To be continued.....


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Very cute projects... Kristine looke like a very crafty girl already.

Kristine said...

you are a dream. it was so fun to be with you.

thanks for helping me. and taking pictures :)