Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom and Kurt!

A couple weeks ago it was my moms birthday. I surprised her with a slide show of all the photos from this last year. She started to cry when photos of my brother came up. We don't see him very often and she was so happy to see him. (even if it was just a photo) Kurt had secretly e-mailed me photos of him doing some really cool stuff at work.

Here's one of Kurt at work. (on the left)

kurt at work

This last week was also my brothers birthday.

{Happy Birthday Kurt! Have a great week in California!}

Here's one more of Kurt on top of a 300 foot wind generator. My brother has the coolest job!


When we visited my mom this last week I took this photo of all her birthday cards hung up on her fun kitchen lights.

happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday Mom! We all love you so much. I personally don't know what I would do without you! You have taught me so much and you've always been there when I needed you!

(picture from a couple weeks ago. taken at my grandma's house in Murtaugh.)


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Melissa said...

You're like your mother's mini me.
YOu're both beautiful.