Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday Night

kate night

Friday night I headed out on the town to attend the Art Weekend Party for students. Miss Kristine did my fab hair. It Rocks right? She also had fun doing a little photo shoot of yours truly.

Can I just mention how BIG SLC is? I was so overwhelmed! Don't worry, I never got lost. Thanks dad for letting me use your Nuvi!

The party was fun. I loved meeting Nicole and her husband. She is so nice and very much like you and me! At one point we got to talking and I asked her if she played Bejeweled. She reluctantly said yes. (We share the same time sucking activity.) I asked her what her high score was and she answered, "One million." I was laughing and her husband replied, "No seriously, look!" He then showed me her high score on her iphone. It did say one million. Lets just say I can't get past 300,000.

At the end of the party she did a drawing for prizes. I won a $40 gift card to Paper Kiwi. We all had a great time chatting, swapping blog URLs, and photography tips.

To be continued....


Adrienne & Scott said...

Ha! You think SLC's big? You should come to Chicago! You'd be overwhelmed!! But the only crapy thing about this place is lack of cute fabric stores! I love the quilt you made. I might have to steel the pattern idea for a baby quilt!! Oh, and I'm obsessed with Bejeweled too. It's such a bad addiction! I have to get a game or two in before bed. I'm pathetic!!

CircaSurBriggs said...

ONE MILLION!???????????????????/

I don't believe it.

PS you look great in that pic! I'm so glad you had fun with Kristine! I bet you loved getting away for the weekend!

Kristine said...

move to SLC!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

That's awesome that you won that $40 gift card! Sounds like you had a great time... sweet!