Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 90TH Birthday Grandma!

It was my Grandmother's 90TH birthday this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be driving through and could stop to see her. After my classes at the art weekend, I drove late into the night to get to my grandmas. My mom was even in town for the occasion. Before I left in the morning I had to get a photo of us three together. Here's the photo. Not the best composition wise but, a great photo anyway.


Happy Birthday Grandma! We LOVE you SO!

PS- Can you see the resemblance?


Melissa said...

Great pic. You look natural and beautiful.

Kristine said...

i love this. what a great picture. you look gorgeous. you'll love having this picture of you three forever. cause i wish i took more with my grandparents.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

I LOVE the composition! It's free, natural, and fun! What a beautiful group of ladies!!!!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Yes!! What a cute pict! I agree with Melissa... all very beautiful :)