Monday, October 8, 2007


How fun! Mom you're way cool! My mom and her friends got together and made applesauce. Looks like a good time to me! My mother has three kids. We are all out of the house now and she's busier than ever! Not only do all of us kids call her non stop but my dad just got called into the singles ward. She loves being there in the singles ward. All the singles look up to her. They are always telling her their problems. So not only is she solving all of her kids' problems but shes now helping all the singles too!

Every time I call her she's doing something new. Yesterday she finished a quilt for my brother. It's a Halloween quilt. I made one last year and cut out extra blocks for my brother. My sister pieced it and my mom did the label, machine quilting, and binding. Here's what my quilt turned out like.
She is really really good at helping me decorate. When Baby b was born she came down and stayed a week. Here's what we made. The pumpkin garland and big pumpkin lantern was from walmart. We just bought ribbon and tulle to hold up the lanterns. We got the other small lanterns at the dollar store.
Mom, I love you! You're so much fun! You're also a wonderful grandmother!


DaNae said...

Love the Decorations! Sister T. is pretty much amazing!

Kristine said...

i love it. your mom is the best. your house looks so festive an fun...makes me want to break out the decorations!
Happy October!

Watts Family said...

Say hi to your mom for me! When we came for Thanksgiving (was that 7 years ago?) I remember she had a little project to make. I still decorate with it (the painted Santa pot). I wish I had more time to be crafty, her quilts are great. I love the pumpkins you put up, very cute!