Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One more post before we leave!

Yesterday morning I took L girl to get her hair cut! She lasted maybe 4 minutes in the chair which gave the stylist barely enough time to cut her hair or as b daddy use to call it "crazy scientist hair". I think it looks much better now!

Can you believe how red baby b's hair is!? I love it! I've always wanted a little red head! Thanks for the gene B daddy! Oh, and thanks to my mom. She has red hair too.

We are leaving on Wednesday! I won't be blogging again till Monday! B daddy is flying down to Salt Lake to help his dad build four bedrooms in their basement. We are going down there for Christmas this year and now will have some place to stay! Also his brother who's getting home from his mission this year will need a room!

I'm going to be at my mom's house while he goes. I'll need all the help I can get! L girl is excited to see her grandpa and grandma. Especially grandpa.

Be back soon! Have a spooky Halloween!

love, K


DaNae said...

I love B's red hair!! I couldnt believe how red it was when I first saw it! And Lo's hair looks adorable too, so grown up looking.

Webers said...

Hey cute girl! It will be fun to check your blog too! Cutest girls! Have a fun weekend.

Jay and Camille said...

You are leaving me? What?! I can't believe it. You are grounded.