Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nursery/Bedroom/Playroom/Piano room

We are blessing baby b this weekend so, I thought it would be a good time to get this room finally finished! (since family will be in town!) I put the wall art cards up! I love them! Above the changer the wall art cards spell girl! yeah! I love my girls! I also love how we have a very small apartment so this room is four rooms in one!


The Osborns said...

Very cute room! When do you play the piano? While they are in there playing? I love the artwork- it looks original, did you paint them? Hopefully this will motivate me to hang David's shelves that have been in a box for the past 3 months waiting to go up!

Kristine said...

darling room! you've done such a good job.
did you paint the 3 paintings on the wall? they look very PotteryBarn kids. adorable.

love ya

K8 said...

yes! I did the painting on the wall. I was asked to do an enrichment on cheap decor and that's one thing it did.

K8 said...

I practice the piano when lauryn is in the bath!