Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joseph B. Wirthlin

I am always looking forward to general conference. It's such a cozy weekend. We don't get conference on TV but we are able to listen to it on the internet. During the Saturday afternoon session I went to the stake center to watch while b daddy stayed to listen with the girls.

When Joseph B. Wirthlin got up to speak I was all ears. He asked the question what quality defines us best as members of the church? He continued with the answer, Charity for it is the pure love of Christ. He said you could even have the faith to move mountains but without charity it won't profit you at all. His talk was perfect. I loved it so much. I felt so much love for him. I cried when he told to story of the old woman who could no longer paint her nails and of her loving husband who would paint them for her till she died. When he started to struggle I began to cry again. I was a sobbing mess! Not only was I feeling the spirit but I was still feeling crazy hormones. (as I have given birth only 3 weeks ago) I wanted so badly to be up there with him, to help him! I was so grateful that Elder Nelson got up and stood with him.

I couldn't regain my composure and wanted nothing more than for my husband to hold me. So, I went home! I ran in balling to my husband who, quickly asked what happened? who died? I was laughing through my tears explaining what had happened during Elder Wirthlin's talk. Since he was only listening to conference, he wasn't able to see what was going on.

General Conference is wonderful. I love feeling a renewed sense of spirituality.


Jane said...

Katelyn, Hey Doll, I love your blog. I also really appreciated this post on Elder Wirthlin. I think it was such a tender moment for all who watched. There is something about General Conference that just tugs at the heart strings. Love ya girlfriend. That story about you finding my blog made me laugh. What cute girls you have.

Zili said...

Great work.