Monday, October 15, 2007

Mission: Organize!

I've been dreaming up this board for some time now. I knew I needed some way to keep track of what's for dinner, when b daddy's classes start, what's going on that week, and when do I got time for myself! This is our third week doing the family schedule board and it rocks! We have so much more time together and we don't forget anything! I really love having every meal picked out for the week. If I don't schedule out the meals I just dread dinner time all day long. In the back of my mind I'm always thinking, what are we having for dinner!!! UGH! Every Sunday night b daddy and I reset the board. It really helps having him interested and involved. He does have to make sure he gets in his time to swim and lift weights!


The Osborns said...

Wow, I love it! How is Bryan's course load? And how are you surviving with a baby and a toddler? I need to know these things!! The board rocks and it is stinkin adorable!

Kelli said...

Awesome board! I have found too that stuff like this helps so much! When both the kids started school this year I made up schedules for a morning routine and bedtime routine. I also made a picture schedule for Gracie for her room. It has clip art pics of a girl getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting on shoes and backpack. It takes the pressure off so you don't feel like it is all on you to remember EVERYTHING! I also made a picture chart a while back for Gracie's bedtime routine to put up in the bathroom so she would remember to brush teeth, go potty and put on jammies. It helped her be more independent and I could just say, "It's time for bed, go do the things on your chart."

And...I also have that disease of dreading dinner if I have not planned the meals in advance. It totally helps cut down on extra trips to the store (which saves $) plus it makes grocery shopping much more efficient.

Yeah baby...Domestic Engineers!

Kristine said...

impressive! you are so organized. and the board looks darling. well done.