Monday, October 15, 2007

The Terribly Wonderful Twos

Little Miss L Girl. Here's a series of pictures from this last week. This is what she's been up to.
Here's L Girl in her sweet blingin shirt, her pig tails, and sweet new shoes!
L Girl has been really interested by makeup this last week. Evey morning she stands on the toilet and watches me do my makeup. I unfortunately taught her how to unscrew a water bottle this week and while I was putting my makeup on she unscrew a bottle of my eye glitter. We had the most beautiful Toilet this week. It was so sparkly! I almost didn't want to clean the toilet this week. L Girl is always very very creative. She is always finding new ways to play with her toys. I am so grateful for this characteristic as I have a newborn in the house now. Thanks girl! I love you!
Back to the makeup.... She was having color time this last week and discovered markers were the closest thing to makeup. She looks gorgeous! Don't you think!?
Nemo Nemo Nemo! I stayed up with her on Wednesday night and watched nemo with her and now she can't get enough of it. She copies what they say and do. It's really fun. Especially the part when they have to jump on the jelly fish tops. Also the part when they make nemo jump through the ring of fire. She yells, "Ha He Wa He Ha HO HO HO".


Kristine said...

haha she is so funny. i love her personality. you must laugh everyday. she looks like so much fun.

DaNae said...

She is so cute! I am excited for that stage.

Kelli said...

She is so adorable K! I love you little L girl! I remember when we got Nemo...Gracie had just turned two and loved watching it non-stop!!! She would also watch the previews and say, "Coming soon to theaters"
Gabe also LOVES Nemo too. It helps that it's fun for parents to watch too. It pretty much saved me when I had a newborn and Gracie wanted to watch Nemo over and over.

Jane said...

what a fun girl. I can't believe I still haven't met her. Your blog is adorable.