Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog: Turned Into a Journal?

SO I have this idea. There needs to be a way to blog and have your blog printed out. Maybe into some type of book form. I would really love to preserve all that I've written. Keeping a journal now a days is getting very hard and I really love sharing stuff with friends and family. Someone needs to do this!


DaNae said...

There are a lot of companies that turn a blog into a journal or book. Just google printing blog and a lot of sites come up! It is a way good idea though.

Thorny Tree Lady said... is a great place for that! I've seen their books, and they're lovely. There's another site...can't remember it. Lemme go look-up a friend's blog for the link....BRB

Thorny Tree Lady said...

OK, I'm back. I checked ( and found out that the place she used doesn't support Blogger yet. But look at her site...the book is beautiful. Hopefully Blogger will be supported soon.

K8 said...

I had no idea! Thanks for the help!